Photo: Osprey Graphic Design

C.I.B Dt. Ch. (VDH) DK FI SE Ch.



(Prydain Joshua - Impeccable Third Way to Go)

HD B, eyes clear, patella - left grade 1 m; right clear

DM clear, BPH XXXXXX (39 cms)


Jugendsieger Rostock -18,  Sieger Rostock -21

Årets vinstrikaste utställningshund (SGVK) 2022

To come up with a name for a pup is never straightforward or easy - but always fun! 

"Sense and reference" is a philosopical, linguistic term and right down my academic

alley. As a puppy, the identifying green necklace made her Miss Green which took us

to Böna (= a bean/haricot verte or the verb 'to beg') and there it was. The chosen call

name is a joint homage to a local hero and great sportsman, handball player Bengt

"Böna" Hansson...  So, basically, this girl is just an excellent "skön böna"!