Archie shows


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SGVK Uppsala 2022  Hp BOS puppy (A. Tarjan, HU)

Sv Pudelklubben, Hässleholm 2022  Hp BOB BOG3 puppy (Jens Karlsson, SE)

Groningen, NL 2023  CAC FCI-CACIB-J BOS (Simon Rooney, IE)

Vänersborg NoDS 2023 CAC res NCAC (György Tesics, HU)

Tvååker NDS 2023 CAC BOS (John Sheppard, AUS)

Askersund IDS 2023 CAC FCI-CACIB-J (Mikael Nilsson, SWE)

Vejen NoDS, DK 2023  CAC NCAC BOS (Jesper Ravn, DK)

Vejen IDS, DK 2023  CAC FCI-CACIB-J  Crufts qualified (Tino Pehar, CRO)

Leipzig I, DE 2023  V1 CAC CACIB BOS (W. Gullix, DE)

Leipzig II, DE 2023 V1 CAC CACIB (J. Eberhardt, DE)

SGVK Alingsås 2023 CAC BOS (A. Johnsson, SE)

Leeuwarden I, NL  2023 CAC CACIB BOS (Johnny Andersson, SE)

Leeuwarden II, NL 2023  2 x CAC CACIB BOS Dutch Winner (Rob Douma, NL) 

"Attractive male, excellent type. Well shaped, masculine head. Nice neck and topline. Excellent

front construction. Well angulated in the back. Excellent body and construction. Moves very well

due to his great anatomy. Lovely attitude, coat in development. Very promising!" (J. Karlsson, SE)

"Well balanced. Masculine head with good shape. Excellent muzzle. Firm & muscular body. Well

shaped chest. Strong bone structure. Excellent coat quality. Moves with good stride. Firm back.

Nice posture." (M. Nilsson, SWE)