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SGVK Falkenberg 2022 BIS puppy (Hans van den Berg, NL)

Norrköping NDS 2022 CAC Best Junior (A. Edoff, SE)

Ronneby NoDS 2022 CAC Best Junior (L. Liljeqvist, SE)

KHKG I Köge, DK Jun CAC, CAC BOB (B. Kremser, SLO)

KHKG II Köge, DK Jun CAC, CAC BOB (L. Zake, LV)

Kassel I, DE 2022 V1 CAC CACIB (Christine Rossier, CH)

Kassel II, DE 2022 V1 CAC CACIB (Dr. Ridarcikova, SLO)

My Dog 1, 2023  CAC, FCI-CACIB-J Best Junior, Crufts qualified (Å. Cronander, SE)

SGVK Ljungskile 2023 CAC (Nina Karlsdotter, SE)

Ljungskile NDS 2023 CAC (Markus Gisslén, SE)

My Dog 2 Gothenburg 2024  CACIB  (G. Nymann, DK)

"Very nice. I like her a lot. She is very nice in head with a round impression. Nice eyes.Good

length in muzzle. I like her angulation in front and rear. Very nice in body.Good tailset. Good

coat texture. She moves with short steps. Very typical of the breed." (Hans van den Berg, NL)

"Nice feminine bitch. 10 mths. Square body, lovely head. Correct expression, topline and tail.

Very well developed body. Correct developed coat, not ready. Could show herself better in

movement." (Ligita Zake, LV)

"13 mths, beautyful type, excellent coat for age, well developed body with nice bones,

typical head expression with broad skull, eyes almost black, ears well set and carried, level

firm back, correct tail, deep chest, parallel legs typical mover" (Brigita Kremser, SLO)