Photo: Osprey Graphic Design

 Dt. Jugend-Ch. (VDH) Dt. Ch. (VDH) DK SE Ch.


(imp. Hungary)


(Koroscenko Tajtek - Pörgelóci Liliom)

HD D, eyes and patella clear, DM clear

BPH 2018.04.21 (42 cms)

Jugendsiegerin Hannover 2017, KfUH Zuchtschau-Sieger -17,

Herbst-Sieger Dortmund -17

Our 'passenger' Precious is the sweetest of girl, an absolute star but unfortunately never warmed to the

show scene. However, she excels in herding and tutoring the adolescent brigade. Now, she is a lady of

leisure and lives out her senior years together with Eva and Rolf. Precious, "to the manor born"! 

"Very happy open temperament, good on the table and good standing,  5 months, going thru a

sligthly changing stage but lots to see and lots to like,  coat is there but lets wait as it should improve

with time but the type is right,  feminine head with good proportions, correct ears, strong neck, topline

is in a difficult stage, enough depth of chest, good bone, moves with enthusiasm, interesting dog for

the future." (Shaun Watson, CY)

"Lovely type, nice feminine head and expression, excellent shoulders and quarters,  she is up to size. Well balanced and short in body,  excellent tail, nice puppy coat, moved well, a little close in rear.

Best puppy 6-9 mths!" BIS2 puppy (Mr. Tamas Jakkel, HU)