Our kennel


Photo: Osprey Graphic Design

In our kennel, we aim for the moon in our work to better the breed. Even when we miss, we land among the stars. Needless to say, we follow www.skk.se/sjalvklart the Swedish Kennel Club's regulations, rules and recommendations.

Our dogs' coats and welfare are taken care of with excellent help, advice and products from #plushpuppy.de, #botaniqa.eu , #agria , #royalcanin , #alwaysyourfriend and Sofie @  www.lyckansfit4dogs.se . A massive Thank you to osprey_graphic_design for all your lovely work.

Interested in a puli from us or just want to know more about the breed, us or our dogs? Please send us an e-mail or check in here from time to time for puppy plans, availability, potential rehomings, etc.

Marianne Nyman & Stefan Ernstsson

Örnakull 224

305 77 Getinge, Sweden


+ 46 703 854628