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SGVK Alingsås, 2022   Hp BOB- and BIS puppy (M. Wieremijczyk, PL)

KHKG I Köge, DK 2023   Junior CAC, CAC (Beata Petkevica, LV)

"Beautiful masculine boy. Beautiful masculine head. Excellent body. Excellent neck, topline

and chest. Excellent forechest and front. Very well balanced. Excellent harmonic movement. Excellent coat and temperament." (Malgorzata Wieremijczyk)

"10 month, correct bite, dark wellplaced eyes, correct stoop, square in body, correct size, medium length neck, good bones, well sprung ribs, excellent compact loin, correct length of

tail, correct texture of coat for his age, showing typical short steps, loves life." (B. Petkevica)