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My Dog 2, Gothenburg 2016 CAC, qualified Crufts 2017 (Teixeira Luis Pinto, PO)

Vänersborg IDS 2016 BOS CAC CACIB (Nils Molin, SE)

Bremen IDS, DE 2016 V1 CAC CACIB (Ingrid Weininger, DE)

KHKG II Köge, DK 2016 CAC BOS BIS-junior 2 (Shaun Watson, CY)

Bremen NDS, DE 2017  V1 CAC  (Piotr Krol, PL)

Växjö IDS 2017 BOB (Mrs. Greenwood, AUS)

Ljungskile NDS 2018  BOB BOG4 (Nils Molin, SE)

KfUH Horn-Bad Meinberg, 2019  V1 BOB BIS (Uwe Nölke, DE)

Crufts,UK 2022  4th, Veteran class (Mrs. Cartledge, UK)

Groningen, NL 2023  res-CAC FCI-CACIB-V Best Veteran (Simon Rooney, IE)

KHKG I Köge, DK 2023 Best Veteran BOS  (Beata Petkevica, LV)

KHKG II Köge, DK 2023 Best Veteran BOS (John Kehoe, IE)

"Well-balanced feminine 2-year-old Puli. Correct bitch with good pigmentation.

Balanced muzzle to scull. Medium sized, dark brown eyes. Correct ear shape and set.

A well muscled neck into a level topline. With slightly sloping croup ending in the correct

set of the tail. Correct front angulation. Dept of brisket slightly less than half height

of withers. Strong, well constructed hind quarters. Lively and spirited gait.

Level topline on the move. Correct rounded feet."  (Mrs. Greenwood, AUS )

"3 ½ jährige, wunderschöne und ausdrucksstarke Hündin, die in allen Details

dem Standard entspricht. Sie hat ein wunderschönes Puligangwerk, wunderschönes, rassetypisches Haarkleid, vollzahniges Scherengebiss" (Frau A. Schmidt, DE )

"8 years old female, excellent mover, nice dark eye, correct bite, excellent condition,

nice tight feet" (John Kehoe, IE)