Rut shows

Photo: Dorottya Crkvenjakov


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Crufts, UK 2013  PG 1st, Limit 2nd (Mr. K R Newhouse, UK)

KUR, NO 2013   BOB CAC BIS2  (Leif-Ragnar Hjorth, NO)


Kassel, DE 2013  V1 CAC BOB CACIB BOG2  (Dr. Auernhammer, DE) 

Köge II, DK  2015 BOB BIS (Petra Junehall, SE)

Backamo NDS 2015 BOB BOG2 (Carsten Birk, DK)

KfUH, Lich 2015 V1 BOB BIS (Mira Gehring)

Crufts, UK 2016  VHC, Open class (Mrs. A.S. Brown)

Zwolle I IDS, NL 2016  CAC CACIB BOB BOG3 (Mevr. C. Kerssemeijer, NL)

Svk FUR Specialty, 2016  BOB BIS2 (Mr. Tamas Jakkel, HU)

Erfurt II, DE 2017  V1 BOB CACIB BOG3 (Piotr Krol, PL)

Svk FUR Specialty, 2017  BOB BIS (Regina Blessing, DE)

Backamo NDS 2017 BOB BOG3 (P. Junehall, SE)

Svk FUR, 2017  BOB BIS2 (Elina Haapaniemi, FI)

Crufts, UK 2018 3rd, Open class (Mr. John Ritchie, UK)


Västerås, 2019  BOB, BOB veteran, NORDIC CAC BOG2 (A. Stepinski, PL)

Norrköping, 2019  BOB, BOB veteran, NORDIC CAC BOG1 (G. Skallman, SE)

Crufts, UK 2020  3rd, Veteran class (Mr. Alan K. Rathband, GB)

Rostock IDS, DE 2021 V1, CAC, vet BOB, vet BIS (Dr. Wenzlaff, DE)

Kassel I, DE 2021  V1 CAC BOB, BOB veteran BOG1 (R. Blessing, DE)

Kassel II, DE 2021  V1 CAC BOB veteran (J. Wauben, NL)

"6 yrs old, top quality bitch, shouts even more breed type, really excellent all over,

a bitch to be proud of, moves very typical. Lovely corded coat. Congratulations!"

(Mr. Rob Douma, Norrköping)

"Excellent condition of breed and age, lovely in type, compact, very good substance,

very good angulation both ends, excellent neck, very nice head, lovely eyes, excellent coat,

very attractive in movement. Best veteran!" (Mr. A. Stepinski, Västerås)

"Another quality veteran, dark eyes and pigment, well laid shoulders, nicely muscled,

light easy mover."  (Crufts 2020)