C.I.B, C.I.B-V, Dt. Ch. (VDH), Dt. Vet. Ch. (VDH), DK

FI NL NO SE CH, SE W-17, FI W-18, NORD VW-19



(Bubbleton Hot'n Spicy - Rasztari-Duci Csikasz)

HD A (0/0), eyes and patella clear, DM clear

MH 120908, BPH 160214 (40 cms)


German Winner -13, Sieger Rostock -14, KfUH Hauptzuchschau-Sieger -15,

Landessieger Thüringen -17, Landessieger Thüringen -18, Veteranensieger Rostock -21

The County's most Beautiful Dog 2016 (Hallands KK)

Puli of the Year 2017 (Svk FUR, the Swedish Club for Hungarian Breeds)

Den Martha-Schleu-Pokal als erfolgreischster Puli (andersfarbig) des Jahre 2021

(Klub f Ungarische Hirtehunden)

Årets utställningsfurie, puli samt Årets utställningsfurie, veteran 2022 (Svk FUR)

Rut (pronounced Ruth) is the successful result of the combination of Western

show lines x old Hungarian working lines. Excellence in type and attitude, she is/

has always been a bitch to watch out for in the rings! Now, she is the queen of the pack

and the household.