C.I.B. Dt. Ch. (VDH) DK FI SE CH.


(imp. Hungary)


(Pörgelóci Legenda - Torzsási Bojtár Díszes)

HD A (0/0), eyes and patella clear, DM clear

BPH XXXXXX (39,5 cms)

Den Martha-Schleu-Pokal als erfolgreischster Puli (andersfarbig) des Jahre 2022

(Klub f Ungarische Hirtehunden)

Good things sure come in small packages. We are head over heels in love with this little

charmer and are looking forward to see him make our show team even stronger. We will also let him further develop his excellent herding skills. Thank you Dorottya Crkvenjakov ( for trusting us with Bertie!