Impeccable litters


Our First litter (3 dogs, 2 bitches) was born 2005.09.28. Out of DK INT SE UCH Åkerby Gloria (Maica),

sired to Multi CH Prydain or Nothing (Prey). 

Our Second litter (4 dogs) was born 2008.05.12. Out of DK SE UCH Impeccable First and Foremost (Trollet), sired to DK CH Bubbleton Birthday Bandit.

Our Third litter (4 dogs, 3 bitches) was born 2011.01.07. Out of DK SE CH Impeccable First and Foremost (Trollet), sired to DK CH Bubbleton Birthday Bandit.

Our Fourth litter (2 dogs, 4 bitches) was born 2011.03.19. Out of DK INT NO SE UCH Rasztari-Duci Csikasz (Cookie), sired to Multi CH Bubbleton Hot'n Spicy (Rya).

Our Fifth litter (1 bitch) was born 2015.03.01. Out of C.I.B Dt. CH (VDH) DK SE UCH Impeccable Third

Way to Go (Olga), sired to Dt. CH (VDH) Ecset vom Felsenmeer.

Our Sixth litter (1 dog, 4 bitches) was born 2017.11.11. Out of  C.I.B Dt. CH (VDH) DK  SE UCH Impeccable Third Way to Go (Olga), sired to GCH USCH Prydain Joshua (Noodles).

Our Seventh litter (1 bitch) was born 2018.02.16. Out of C.I.B Dt. CH (VDH) DK SE UCH Rasztari-Duci Cikta (Cikta), sired to Multi CH Bubbleton Hot'n Spicy (Rya).

Our Eighth litter (2 dogs, 2 bitches) was born  2021.08.20. Out of SE JW-19, DK SE UCH Impeccable

Seventh Wonder (Kinga), sired to DK FI SE CH Pörgelóci Cigány (Bertie).

Our Ninth litter (1 dog, 1 bitch) was born  2022.05.16. Out of C.I.B Dt. CH (VDH) DK FI SE UCH

Impeccable Sixth Sense'n Reference (Böna), sired to DK FI SE CH Pörgelóci Cigány (Bertie).