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Oslo, NO 2010 CAC CACIB BOS NO V-10 (L. Liljeqvist, SE)


  SvkFUR, Hässleholm 2011   BOB BIS2 (L. Liljeqvist, SE)             

Rostock, DE 2012 V1 CACIB BOB BOG2  (A. Schmidt, DE)


   Crufts 2013 4th/Reserve, Open class  (Mr. K R. Newhouse, UK)


             Malmö 2014  CACIB BOB BOG1 BIS (A. DiLorenzo, NO)

      KUR, NO 2014  BOB BIS (A. Indergaard, NO)

Svk FUR, Nyköping 2014 BOB BIS (Tino Pehar, CRO)

Zwolle II, NL 2014 CAC CACIB BOB BOG2 (C. Muldoon, IE)

Crufts 2016  2nd prize, Veteran class (Mrs. A.S. Brown)

Erfurt IDS, DE 2016 V1 vet CAC BOB vet., BISVET2 (J. Moore, AUS)

Bremen IDS, DE 2016 V1 vet CAC BOS BOB vet., BISVET2 (Ingrid Weininger, DE)

Bremen NDS, DE 2016 V1 vet CAC BOS BOB vet., BISVET  (Miklos Levente, HU)

KHKG I, DK 2016 BOB, BOB vet., BISVET, BIS (E. Liljekvist Borg, SE)

KHKG II, DK 2016 BOB, BOB vet., BISVET, BIS (Petr Rehanek, CZ)

Kassel I, DE 2016 V1 BOB vet., BISVET2 (Regina Blessing, DE)

Erfurt II, DE 2017  V1 BOS, BOB vet., BISVET2 (Piotr Krol, PL)

Svk FUR Specialty, 2017  BOS, BOB vet., BISVET (Regina Blessing, DE)

Norrköping IDS, 2017  BOB, BOB vet. BOG4 (Tino Pehar, CRO)

Dortmund BSA, DE 2017  V1 BOB, BOB vet. BOG1 BIS3 (R. Doedjins, NL)

Dortmund IRA, DE 2017  V1 BOB, BOB vet., BISVET2, BOG2 (M. Gehring, DE)

Crufts, UK 2018 1st in Veteran, reserve best dog, res CC (Mr. John Ritchie, UK)

Västerås NDS, 2018 BOB, BOB vet. BOG2 (S. Frisk, SE)

Erfurt II, DE 2018   V1 CAC BOB vet., BISVET (Angelica Sassenberg, DE)

KfUH Köln-Porz, 2018 BOB & BIS (Ms. Melchior, LUX & Ms. Onstenk-Schenk, NL)

Rostock IDS, 2018  V1 BOB, BOB vet., BISVET2, BOG1 (Frau A. Schmidt, DE)

Västerås NDS, 2019 BOB, BOB vet. BOG3 (P. Heikkinen-Leikonen, FI)

Svk FUR Torpa, 2019  BISVET  (A. Edoff, SE)

"Great general appearance, impressive. By correct size, by right balance between head

and body, also the height and length. Impressive front, compact body, outstanding coat.

Amazing movement  for a 8-year-old. Best veteran!" (A. Guira, 2016)

"9 years old. Lovely type. Compact, short body. Showing lovely expression in eye.

Moderate length of neck. Full of body under the coat. Beautiful topline, lovely tailset.

Super rear angulation. Super coat texture and amount of coat." (Tino Pehar, 2017)

"Quality boy with so many pleasing attributes - what a lovely one to start my day off.

His size and substance are ideal for a male. His head proportions are excellent, correct

for stop  and lovely dark correctly shaped eye. Slightly domed skull, moderate neck,

correct for front and hind angulation, solid strong topline line. Tail set and carriage

correct. His pigment especially in his lips and mouth are super. He was sound out

and back and when settled he moved so correctly and typically for a Puli - his grey coat

in super order - still very much a contender and his correct size and shape took him to

the Res CC spot." (Mr. John Ritchie, 2018)

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