C.I.B (to be confirmed) Dt. Ch. (VDH) Dt. Jugend-Champion (VDH)







(Ecset vom Felsenmeer - Impeccable Third Way to Go)


HD A (0/0), eyes and patella clear, DM clear

(42 cms)



We are very, very happy with this "little" girl! For this breeding,

we lookd for excellence in character - not forgetting good type

and conformation! Honey is all we could have asked for.

She excels in the show ring, she has a fantastic character and

is an absolute joy to have in and around the house.


"compact girl, well developed body for her 5 months, very nice topline,

very good neck, very good angulation both ends, frontlegs just a

little east-west, well shaped head, sweet eyes, excellent expression,

very happy mover, good puppy coat, bedste baby" (A. Stepinski, PL)


"En tik med härlig helhet, kort och fin kropp, huvudet har väl utfyllt

nosparti redan. Fin rundning av huvudet, utmärkt överlinje,

bröstkorgen har bra välvning men är aningen kort. Rör sig med

lagom kort steg när hon vill" (Carin Åkesson, SE)



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