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Kassel I, DE 2015 V1 Jugend-CAC (H. Frick, DE)


Kassel II, DE 2015 V1 Jugend-CAC (G. Schaefer, DE)


My Dog 1, Gothenburg 2016 exc (A. Ulltveit-Moe, SE)


My Dog 2, Gothenburg 2016 exc CAC, qualified Crufts 2017 (Teixeira Luis Pinto, PO)


Malmö 2016 exc ck res. CAC (Jesper Ravn, DK)


Chemnitz, DE 2016 V1 Jugend-CAC (W. Peper, DE)


Vänersborg IDS, 2016 BOS CAC CACIB (Nils Molin, SE)


Bremen IDS, DE 2016 V1 CAC CACIB (Ingrid Weininger, DE)


KHKG I Köge, DK 2016 exc res. CAC (B. Schjoeth, DK)


KHKG II Köge, DK 2016 exc CAC BOS BIS junior 2 (Shaun Watson, CY)


Norrköping IDS 2016 exc ck CAC (B. Svarstad, SE)


PuK Berlin, DE 2016 V1 CAC (H. Auernhammer, DE)


Zwolle I IDS, NL 2016 res-CACIB (Mevr. C. Kerssemeijer, NL)


Zwolle II IDS, NL 2016 res-CACIB (Svein Helgesen, NO)


Strängnäs IDS 2017 exc ck CAC res-CACIB (Gunilla Skallman, SE)


Erfurt I, DE 2017 V1 CAC (Rolf Blessing, DE)


Erfurt II, DE 2017 V1 CAC res-CACIB (Piotr Krol, PL)





"excellent type and balance, excellent head and expression, very good neck

and topline, compact body, very good tailset, well-angulated, very good coat

quality, free and stable in movement" (Hanzeshow, Zwolle 2016)



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