Our breeding philosophy is reflected in the kennel name. In our breeding, we always

aim for the moon. Even if we miss, we'll land among the stars! Pulis from us should be versatile, always with a sound character and of excellent type.

Before breeding, our Pulis are health tested (hips, eyes, patella - results can be found

in SKK's open register

We also test for DM.

We expose our Pulis' character and aptitude by doing an MH (Mentality test) or a

BPH (Behaviour and Personality Assessment test), which are the Swedish Kennel Club's

official character tests. The results are available to view in SKK's open register.

When and if the opportunity arises, we like to test our Pulis' herding instincts, abilities

and animal interest. Pulis from us need to function well in today's society but we are also

keen to keep at least one paw in the breed's rich history and preserve original features.

The Puli originates in Hungary where they have been herding and guarding livestock

for many thousands years.

We also attend dog shows, not only as a nice pastime but as a very valuable guidance

in our breeding. As a breeder there is always the risk of seeing what you want to see

and focus only on the positive... This is why we appreciate, respect and value competent

judging by various judges and breed specialists - according to the given breed standard.


Planning for a litter is a lengthy process and has a somewhat egoistic aim. It is only when

we feel we have the time and space for a promising offspring that we have a litter.

Our puppy plans can be viewed under the tab 'Puppies'.






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